More Than Words

Modern marketing is Jazz, characterised by its fast and irregular tempo. Named after an improvised style of jazz, we provide MORE THAN WORDS - we deliver rocksteady marketing, rhythmic communications, maestro ideas, rehearsed events through instrumental people.


WhoWe Are

Bebop is a digital PR and marketing agency, our clients span from tech Startups to SMEs and MNCs. Working in projects with our clients, whose companies span different industries and sizes, we have amassed different approaches and perspectives to help you steer your business where you want it. Let us help you punch above your weight class.

WhatWe Do

We are able to work more directly with you, cutting the red tape. More flexible to the needs and demands of your campaigns, to change and adapt to maximise desired traction. Our team is streamlined and robust, sporting complementary skills and proficiencies to suit the needs of the project. We bring added value and connections for a great price, the varied industries we have worked with and a small crack team to smoothen your campaign workflow.


Is the product or service you have planned for really in demand? Opportunities and angles open up with the right press releases that capture the right attention that we seed through news outlets, Get a clear picture of what your business and direction stands for and is seen as, cultivate your presence and image in the market.


Time for a product launch or a press conference to mark a significant event in your company’s timeline? We’ve organised and put forth different themed events to mark the occasion for our clients. A perfect opportunity to show and tell for your present investors and partners, that opens up better opportunities and other collaborations.


Unsure of how to go about your campaign? Each campaign is handled uniquely. Making the most of resources we have to work with, the outlook of the industry you’re in, the obstacles that we need to traverse. All in mind to the clear and measurable goals we set in our timeline, that we can execute with confidence and certainty.


Is the world truly getting the message you’re putting across? Through the campaign, we create content showing the world what you’re truly about, seeding them to the right news outlets. Having a clearer picture and having a superior lay of the land. Augment the effects with quality SEO (search engine optimisation) and watch your company’s reach expand significantly.


You’ve something solid to show and a game changing update? You know it warrants a proper radio interview, a ten minute time slot on live TV that will get others talking about it for weeks to come. Work with us and our media trainers, to get you ready for the big stage, and keep in your folio savvy, well cut interviews.


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